Rental Generators

VIBRO POWER ENGINEERING Energy Rental offers an extensive and modern fleet of portable generators, designed to meet the stringent demands and sometimes harsh operating conditions, across the globe, providing your power requirements for multi megawatt installations.

We can respond quickly with our diversified fleet and if necessary call in the resources of our global dealer network at some 1500 dealer locations, to maintain your production and safeguard your bottom line.

Our teams of engineers, electricians and service technicians are ready to provide full turnkey support. They take care of the equipment so that you can focus on your business.

One Network. One Call. 021-34577788 | 24/7 Support

We understand the business needs of today. No matter how large, complex or urgent, VIBRO POWER ENGINEERING Energy Rental can provide full turnkey packaged solutions for Prime Power, Stand-by Power and Peak Shaving to ensure continuity of your production and maximise your profits. In time critical situations, we do what is necessary to meet your deadline.

All Kind Of Electrical and Mechanical Generator Available For Rent.